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Life or Game

Librarian Avenger (and one of my former students) Erica Firment has a new post up, where she describes her life in video game terms: "A Parent’s Life as a Video Game"...when I was pregnant with my daughter, I realized that pregnancy is essentially a really immersive resource-conservation RPG. I was always asking myself questions like: “Do I pick up this stuff on the floor, or do I save my Bending Over points for later?”

Video Games as Culture/Form

Professor Sheila Murphy is teaching her class again this semester, entitled "Video Games as Culture/Form." Besides a trip to our archive to get up close and personal with some of the more violent games in our collection, students from the class are also contributing to the course blog at, where they give their unedited perspectives on a variety of topics related to video games and culture.


3DS and Rayman cover

We now have the new Nintendo 3DS available in the archive, along with two games: Rayman 3D & Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D. (More games to come, of course.) If you've been wondering how Nintendo can offer a true 3D experience without the need for special glasses, you can now see for yourself!

Top Games - Week of March 21

Here are our top games from last week, with Sengoku BASARA quickly venturing to the top (better known as "the samurai game," which is much easier to say). Also, a reminder that there is only one more week to participate in our water games carnival, so try out a few water-themed games for a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate!

2nd Person Shooter

sps zato screenshot

Authored by Doug Carmichael: We've all hear of first person shooters (Halo, Call of Duty) and third person shooters (Gears of War). Ever tried a second person shooter? What would that even look like? Well, I found an interesting entry into what must be a rather minuscule genre: Second Person Shooter Zato. (requires downloading a plug-in to play) Quirky, challenging, and actually very fun, I recommend everyone try it for a unique experience.


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