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Call for Submissions: UpstART 200

The [Paper] Cube by Stephanie Schouman

Have the University’s incredible collections inspired you to make creative work? The UpstART 200 archive is composed of examples from our art, design and architecture collections, holdings and history here at the University of Michigan. The project is now seeking submissions of work by students and alumni that respond to or reflect on the items in the archive.

Data Management Plans as a Research Tool (DART)

At the May 2017 Data Bites meeting, Research Data Services (RDS) Manager Jake Carlson presented on his work with an IMLS-funded project, Data Management Plans as a Research Tool (DART). This multi-institutional project is investigating data management plans (DMPs) from the point of view of the researchers who write and implement them: what are they including in their plans; how does this reflect their understanding of funding agency guidance; and how can we, as librarians, better support their...

Venus in Copper by Lindsey Davis

Cover of Venus in Copper by Lindsey Davis

Ancient Roman private eye Marcus Didius Falco tries to prevent a murder from happening. A "professional bride", Severina Zotica, has been married three times, and each of her husbands has died in suspicious circumstances. Now she's about to marry a fourth husband, a former slave who has made a fortune in real estate, and the members of his household are certain that she killed her first three husbands, and she will try to kill him. Can Falco save the man's life?


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