Posts on June 2017

Copyright and Preservation Workshop

Copyright and Preservation workshop, Monday, 6/19, 11:00 am-12:00 pm How does copyright law treat preservation by libraries, archives, and museums? When does copyright law permit you to provide access to a preservation copy, or to create a replacement copy? This workshop from Ana Enriquez of the the U-M Library Copyright Office will explain how copyright law applies to preservation work. All are welcome.

Deep Blue Data: New Features

The Deep Blue Data development and service teams have been hard at work incorporating feedback from our diverse community of users. Development is ongoing and we are rolling out many small changes, but we are excited to highlight a few new features that we have released recently.

Software contributions reduce our debt

Contributing to software projects can be harder and more time consuming than coding customized solutions. But over the long term, writing generalized solutions that can be used and contributed to by developers from around the world reduces our dependence on ourselves and our organizational resources, thus drastically reducing our technical debt.


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