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The Confessions of Young Nero by Margaret George

Cover of The Confessions of Young Nero by Margaret George

In this stunning historical novel, Margaret George tells the story of the infamous Roman emperor Nero in a completely new way. This Nero is not the mad tyrant who fiddled while Rome burned, as seen in so many Hollywood films. Instead, he is a young man, an artist and athlete, trying to survive in the treacherous world of dynastic politics in imperial Rome.

Reduced Hours for the Summer Term

Summer term has begun, and with it our reduced hours of operation. We'll be open Monday - Friday 1-5pm through August 18th, when the term ends. Then we'll be closed for the intercession, and will reopen with the start of the Fall term. So enjoy the outdoors, and don't forget to play some video games during the afternoon heat while you still can.

"Not all who wander are lost:" Assessing Unprocessed Collections at the University of Michigan

Photo of shelves with boxes

There's a moment of suspense every time I remove the lid of an archival box. What will I find inside? Folders of nineteenth-century correspondences in French? A civil war diary with a bullet hole in its leather cover? A pile of pamphlets about applying makeup for transwomen? A random letter signed by J.R.R. Tolkien? (Yes, I really did find one!) After five weeks in the archives unit of the Special Collections Library, I have come to realize that I never really know what I will find...

Following the peregrinations of Isl. Ms. 350 | Part 1: From Delhi to Istanbul

Former owners' marks seen on front flyleaf of Isl. Ms. 350

The manuscript currently preserved in our library under the shelfmark Isl. Ms. 350 has a fascinating history that can be traced in internal owners’ marks and external documentary sources. Produced in Delhi, the manuscript was acquired by the library in 1924 along with several hundred other manuscripts from Istanbul that came to be known as the "Abdul Hamid Collection." How did the manuscript end up in Istanbul? Read the intriguing story in this first of two posts!


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