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Backward Design

Sign of man going backwards

As library instructors we all have a natural tendency to rely on methods, content and activities that are comfortable and familiar to us. Backward design helps counter this tendency and ensures that we think of the students first. The main question driving instruction becomes: what do students need to learn and be able to do by the end of the session? On Friday January 13 Breanna Hamm and Alexandra Stark gave an excellent presentation, sponsored by Instructor College about backward design in...

Student Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca M. Chung

L2P Project (Lead to Pixels): Dr. Rebecca M. Chung If someone sees a book image on a screen, are they truly reading a book? If not, then how can digitization be used to transmit the material and historical features of reading? The materiality of the text connects the creation of that text to its historical moment. Historical context is as much about paper composition, assembly techniques, enclosure styles, and chemical composition—as about dates or places or names. The L2P project works on...


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