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On a Damaged Manuscript and the Weather

Folio 1r from Horace (65-8 BC). Ars Poetica & Epistulae. Parchment. Italy. 15th c.

When cataloging this fifteenth-century Italian manuscript, I saw that some of the pages have been damaged by brushing a chemical reagent on some areas that were difficult to read. While in the short term this substance was designed to make traces of ink more legible, the long-term impact on the manuscript is disastrous as shown in the image below.

Books on Books

The Book of Books cover

Are you struggling to find something to read? Do you have a desire to read "great" or "popular" books? If so, check out some of these books that provide rankings and descriptions of "top" books.

'Baking in' digital accessibility at the Library: Services and experiences from the U-M Library Digital Accessibility Team (DAT)

Delicious looking cake with a piece missing.

Web accessibility is a key ingredient to successful product development that can make or break many peoples’ experience. The U-M Library Digital Accessibility Team (DAT) helps library teams 'bake in' web accessibility from the beginning of their projects and helps coordinate accessibility work across the Library. Read about DAT's services and how collaboration with teams and staff across the library has led to improved products and services for our Library staff, faculty and...

Forensic Architecture and Open Accessibility in Crime Prevention

With a background in physics and criminal justice, and now learning architecture, I’ve been trying to find a way to combine the different areas of my education and, most importantly, how to align them with one of my passions - open and inclusive accessibility. It is easy to connect physics with criminal justice, in the world of forensics, and there are some clear connections between physics and architecture, at least in mechanics. But bringing those two connections together has been challenging...

Disabilities and Inclusion

Recently, I attended an event known as Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities: Using Your Skills and Gifts to Create Access in Your Community. It was part of the Center for the Education of Women + Inspire Workshop series. It was such a unique workshop, because workshops gloss over the effects disabilities have on people have them. I personally loved that the speaker, Jacqueline Kaufman, went into detail about disabilities and incorporating deafness with cochlear's. Sometimes, these...


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