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My Experience Co-Managing a Library Project

Shelby Stuart, second year graduate student in the School of Information writes about her experiences working in the graduate library. The Trial Resources Evaluation project—and my UISA experience more broadly—has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone by taking on greater responsibility and becoming one of the “go to” people for the project, but it has paid off in the skills and experiences that I’ve gained as a result.

Love your data? Share it!

It is common scholarly practice to publish results of research, and it is becoming increasingly more important to share the underlying data. Data sharing allows for the replicability and verification of experimental findings and allow for reuse in new and unexpected ways. Sharing your data may also increase the impact of your research.

Book Displays for February

"A trick of the light: Daylight remembered" sign

We have two new book displays on the 2nd floor of the Duderstadt Center to share with you: "A Trick of the Light: Daylight Remembered" and graphic novels themed after Black History Month and Women's History Month.

Hamlet and the Wolverine Press

Three students setting the type to replicate  the G gathering of Q2 (Hamlet: 1604). Nearest is Amanda Rybin-Koob, poet, MFA; center,  Rebecca Fortes, fiction, MFA;  and furthest, Elijah Sparkman, English major, LSA undergraduate

An extraordinary project is currently taking shape at the Wolverine Press, the letterpress studio at the University of Michigan. Led by Rebecca Chung (UMSI) and Fritz Swanson (Wolverine Press), a team of U of M students is working on a handset edition based on the G gathering from the second quarto of Hamlet, published in 1604 and conventionally known as Q2. In this gathering you can read what is probably the most famous soliloquy Shakespeare ever wrote: “To be, or not to be". In brief,...


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