Posts on February 2013

Machiel Kiel Photo Archive

screen shot of Machiel Kiel archive web page

The Netherlands Institute in Turkey is publishing the photo archive of a renowned scholar of Ottoman monuments in southeastern Europe. Machiel Kiel's images from the 1960s-1990s - slides, negatives, and photographs - are being digitized and made freely available, with appropriate credit to Kiel.

ARTstor - new collection

Digital reproduction of Manet painting

ARTstor, the immense digital image library subscribed to by our University Library, is always adding new collections to support research and teaching in the whole range of humanities, arts, and social sciences. The latest addition is that of the Courtauld Gallery: 500 of a projected 8,100 images of the museum's canonical works of western European art!

Top Games for the Month of January

Here is our list of the top 10 games played in the archive for the month of January. Sports games make up a good portion of the list, with favorites like League of Legends and Mariokart making an appearance. We also see the emergence of a PSP game and the Arcade Legends cabinet, which has garnered interest ever since we got it last year.