Posts on February 2011

Video Games as Culture/Form

Students in Sheila Murphy's class SAC 368: Video Games as Culture/Form are this semester blogging about video games on their blog at There are some great posts there and I invite you to give it a look-see.

The Electronic Revelation

One of our regulars, Grace Lieb, wrote an article about the CVGA for LEAD Magazine, which never got to be published before she left the magazine. So here is the article, in its entirety. Thanks, Grace!

The New Game Room

New game room

The new game room in the basement is getting very close to being completely set up, and here are a couple of pictures of its new (cleaner) home. We also decorated the place with a few fun decals from games that you might recognize.

Hair! Long, Pixelated Hair!

Authored by Ben Nanamaker: Kotaku's got an interesting mini-post and graphic up discussing the history of hair in video games. More specifically, the history of bad hair in video games.


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