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Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

Cover of Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

In Roman Blood, the first of a mystery series by Steven Saylor, Gordianus the Finder, an ancient Roman detective, helps Cicero defend a man accused of killing his father. But he finds evidence that might lead to trouble with a cruel dictator. The series is rich with details of the daily life, the political intrigues, and the legal system of Rome.

Guest Post: Students' Experiences with Cuban Artists' Books

"Reading about Ediciones Vigía and Rolando Estévez was amazing, but actually getting to touch and hold and interact with the books added a whole new element of emotion and experience." Read more of this guest blog post by students in Prof. Ruth Behar's course, "Cuba and Its Diaspora." Professor Behar is Victor Haim Parera Collegiate Professor of Anthropology.

New Game Add-Ons For the Collection

We recently acquired access to several game add-ons of note, and thought we'd share them here in case you'd like to check them out in the CVGA. Which ones do you recognize/remember playing when they first came out? We'd love to hear in the comments.

Announcing Icons of Sinai Photographs Online

Saint Gabriel painted on panel

The 1956-65 expeditions to Mount Sinai by art historians George Forsyth of the University of Michigan and Kurt Weitzmann of Princeton University offer a rich trove of color photographs from the Monastery of Saint Catherine's icon collection. The Princeton University Visual Resources Collection has recently put 1,200 of these images online and will be adding another 2,000.


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