Posts on December 2008

New iPhone-friendly Interface for Religious Texts

I've been researching mobile interface design for a few months now so when we got an email yesterday from a user asking if we'd consider making an iPhone interface for her favorite collection, I jumped at the opportunity. The collection she was interested in (the Bible: Revised Standard Version) is one of our oldest "legacy" collections.

Large-scale Full-text Indexing with Solr

A recent blog pointed out that search is hard when there are many indexes to search because results must be combined. Search is hard for us in DLPS for a different reason. Our problem is the size of the data. The Library has been receiving page images and OCR from Google for a while now. The number of OCR'd volumes has passed the 2 million mark. This raises the question of whether it is possible to provide a useful full text search of the OCR for 2 million volumes. Or more. We are trying...



We received a donation this week of a TI-99/4A computer along with a case full of games. They all work great (except for the fact that the computer keyboard is missing the 'H' key!).