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Strategies to Improve Participation in User Research and Assessment Activities

Photo taken above a busy crowd. Some figures are actively walking and their figure is blurred from their movement. Others figures are clear and sharp and they are standing, talking to or watching other people in the crowd.

How can we improve the familiarity and credibility between Library experts, resources and services we offer and the students, faculty and staff who use them? Whether we’re building new relationships or reconnecting with patrons/colleagues during assessment or user research activities, we have the opportunity to use certain marketing and communication best practices and tools during our user research to align clear and targeted communication with our key audiences.

More Waka Poetry from the Kamada Collection

Picture of the seal of the Kamada Collection

In our last post, on poetry-related works in the Kamada Collection, we introduced illustrated manuscripts of the famous poetry collection Hyakunin isshu, or One Hundred People, One Poem Each, an anthology of Japanese poetry from the seventh to thirteenth centuries compiled by the courtier and poet Fujiwara no Teika (1162-1241). An incredibly popular collection, Hyakunin isshu inspired numerous alternate versions and parodies. We will introduce two such manuscripts below.


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