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In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant

Cover of In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant

In this complex historical novel, Sarah Dunant tells the story of the infamous Borgia family of Renaissance Italy from several points of view, including the family's patriarch, Pope Alexander VI, and his two illegitimate children, Cesare, the leader of a mercenary army, and Lucrezia, who journeys to the court of Ferrara to marry the duke's heir, while grieving for her previous husband, who was murdered at her brother's orders. A fascinating new point of view is that of Niccolò...

Behind the Scenes: Collections About Film

newspaper sheet with columns of text and photo of Holly Fine

As I thumbed through letters between Danny Kaye and his sweetheart Holly Fine, I couldn’t help but imagine the ginger-haired actor twirling Vera-Ellen in his arms and singing “The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing.” We often think about film as a moving media––people and objects flickering across screens––but film archives, like those of the Special Collections Library, contain the material, tangible objects that accompany the making of films. These materials tell rich stories!

Problems with Authority

A graph of organization nodes and edges depicting the United States Federal bureaucracy.

MARC Authority records can be used to create a map of the Federal Government that will help with collection development and analysis. Unfortunately, MARC is not designed for this purpose, so we have to find ways to work around the MARC format's limitations.

Fall Classes Involving Video Games

Still trying to figure out your Fall class schedule? We may not have a fully devoted video games studies program at present, but there are a number of classes available to study video games this Fall. Try one of them to round out your schedule! Use the links below to see a full class description of each class listed here.


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