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Francisco de Quevedo and the Holy Inquisition

An expurgated sonnet on page 73,  from Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas. El Parnaso español y musas castellanas (Barcelona: Rafael Figueró, 1703)

When examining a selection of rare books that had been requested for a class presentation about the impact of censorship in early modern Spain, I noticed something truly remarkable in one of these books. Our copy of the eighteenth-century edition of Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas’ El Parnaso español y musas castellanas, published in Barcelona in 1703, had been manually, and massively, expurgated by a representative of the Spanish Inquisition, Joseph Pinell, as he himself stated on the title...

Post-Graduation Reading List

For our graduating seniors who are about to enter the real world, we know it can be a little scary. We’ve put together a list of some books for you to read that can provide some helpful advice. All of the listed books are accessible online!

Student Mini Grant: sweat, tears, or the sea

photo that is representative of the sweat, tears, or the sea art project

Sweat, tears, or the sea is a photo-series that comments on the physical space of Asian Americans. I want to capture the tenderness, beauty, and portraits of the children of immigrants to create an identity of what it means for them to know that their family has chosen the path of “sweat, tears, or the sea” in America. I used a collection of 4 images per photo for the individual to be able to know that there is a commonality amongst each of the photos together and that we are all intertwined in...

Get Your Craft On with Library Ebooks

Got some free time on your hands and looking for something to do indoors while you adhere to social distancing? Why not learn a new craft! Over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting titles from the library's Online Recreational Reading guide, focusing on different genres and subjects each post. Today, I’m going to highlight art, crafting, and DIY ebooks in the library’s collection.

Combine Metadata Harvester: Aggregate ALL the data!

A tree and a wheat field in Röe, Sweden. The wheat field is filled with pretty white flowers.

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has collected and made searchable a vast quantity of metadata from digital collections all across the country. The Michigan Service Hub works with cultural heritage institutions throughout the state to collect their metadata, transform those metadata to be compatible with the DPLA’s online library, and send the transformed metadata to the DPLA, using the Combine aggregator software, which is being developed here at the U of M Library.

The Inferno according to Alessandro Vellutello

Woodcut from La comedia di Dante Aligieri con la nova espositione di Alessandro Vellutello (Venice: Francesco Marcolini da Forlì, 1544)

We are pleased to report about our recent acquisition of the first edition of Alessandro Vellutello’s influential commentary on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, which was published by Francesco Marcolini da Forlì in Venice in 1544. Undeniably, this edition marked a significant shift in the history of the iconography and reception of Dante’s poem, departing from the previous allegorical interpretations by Cristoforo Landino and Girolamo Benivieni, and challenging Antonio Manetti’s...

2020 Fiction: Ebooks

Need to take a break from finishing up this wild semester and unwind? The library has access to a variety of e-books not limited to academic subject matter. Over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting titles from the library's Online Recreational Reading guide, focusing on different genres and subjects each post. Today, I want to highlight some fiction books published in 2020 that we have available electronically.


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