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Michigan Daily - From Newspaper Prints To Digital Archives

screenshot of michigan daily digital archive interface

The Michigan Daily Digital Archives is a joint collaboration between the University of Michigan Library IT division, Michigan Daily, and the Bentley Historical Library. The Michigan Daily Digital Archives provides searchable access to over 300 volumes, 23,000 issues of digitized student newspaper, from 1891 through 2014. New volumes of the newspaper will be added in the future as they become available. The Library IT team developed a robust discovery interface for the archives. The team made...

Conducting Wayfinding Research to Improve Navigation

Student drawn map of the Hatcher Graduate Library.

It’s not uncommon for academic research libraries, especially large ones, to have multiple renovations that add a wing, a floor, or even a new building. The University of Michigan Library buildings on our central campus are no exception. Our undergraduate and graduate libraries form a complex whose structure is just that. Many times a day, staff members direct visitors, patrons, or even a colleague to their intended destination.

April Blood by Lauro Martines

Cover of April Blood by Lauro Martines

April Blood tells the story of a plot to assassinate Lorenzo de' Medici, unofficial ruler of Renaissance Florence. Although nonfiction, it reads like a political thriller. The book is not just the story of the murder plot. It includes many details of life in Renaissance Florence, including the political system, banking, and the arranging of marriages.

Engaged Learning with the Library Student Engagement Ambassadors

The library is more than a place to read, study, or research. As the Graduate Intern for the Library Student Engagement Program I have found that library to be a place that stimulates creativity, fosters self-efficacy, and even creates a bit of fun. To me, the library has become a place for growth, where engaged learning is not merely in a classroom, but also in the place that prepares students for the classroom. As the program assistant for the Library Student Engagement Ambassadors, I see...

Deep Dive

Picture of Hongwei Xu's lecture

Last year, the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies (LRCCS) and the Asia Library began co-sponsorship of a new series of guest lectures and workshops under the title Deep Dive into Digital and Data Methods in Chinese Studies.


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