Posts on April 2014

Site visit: The Strong Museum of Play, Rochester, NY

Hi! Dave recently gave me privileges to write posts for this blog, ostensibly to give readers an idea of what it is like to do technical support to CVGA. However, I'm taking this post to share a few images from another terrific gaming archive.I just returned from a classic family road-trip during our local school district's spring break. We visited many museums and parks, from the Carl Sagan Planet Walk in Ithaca, NY, to A Christmas Story House and Museum in Cleveland, OH. My favorite...

Most Popular Games During the Month of March 2014

Here is our list of most popular games played in the archive during March. Trigger Happy Havoc quickly rose in the ranks, and a variety of Nintendo games made a satisfying appearance as the semester continues. FIFA was so popular that we started getting requests for FIFA 13 and 12 again, also reflected in the list.