Posts on April 2012

Detroit Institute of Art online images

The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the world's premier art museums, and just a short trip from here. But you may still want to browse the collection from your own computer from school or home. Two options exist for viewing the portion of their collection which has been presented online.

Advanced Search for HathiTrust Full-text Search

In February, we released the first part of the advanced search interface for HathiTrust full-text search. Today we released the second phase of advanced search. You can now combine up to four different fields connected by the "AND" or "OR" operators, and any limits set are retained if you click on the "Revise this advanced search" on the search results page.

New Display Cases

New display cases

Last week, we managed to add five display cases to the (previously empty-looking) wall just outside the archive room, which are large enough to hold some of the larger video game posters in our collection. They will also give us the chance to showcase some of the neat video game ephemera that we don't often get to show off, including a t-shirt for Dragon's Lair, signed by its creators, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.(Thanks to Britain for donating the shirt, and to Shannon for coming up...

Tagging and Favoriting

Since February 2008, the University Library has offered a service called "MTagger" as a way to allow site visitors to save resources for future use. Usage patterns over the four years that MTagger was part of our web site show a clear preference for "favoriting" items rather than tagging them. In fall 2011, the library launched "Search Tools Favorites," a way for authenticated library web site users to save databases and online journals.

Amiga Games

Amiga 3000

We recently got a donation that included an Amiga 3000 computer, as well as an Amiga 500. After some love and care from our fearless restorer of old games and equipment, Doug, they are now in working order. Here are a few titles that are now available to play on the Amigas.