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Artist Spotlight: Michelle Sheng

The text "Changing the Story: Our roles in stopping the spread of fake news" above pictures of bull horns and microphones shooting flames of fire

In our first ever Artist Spotlight, we are featuring Michelle Sheng who helped create the Fake News exhibit "Changing the Story" which the Shapiro Lobby hosted during the last week of March 2017. Learn about Michelle's thoughts and motivations for creating the exhibit in today's special blog post.

This Week in the Shapiro Lobby: March 27 - April 2, 2017

A picture of a crossed out megaphone next to the words "Don't share what you can't verify"

This week in the Shapiro Lobby we are featuring the exhibit “Changing the Story: Our Roles in Stopping the Spread of Fake News” designed by Learning Programs & Initiatives and the Peer Information Counseling Program (PIC). We will also be hosting the last week of the book display “Women’s Stories” as well as information tables for Beyond the Diag, Power Notes, Phi Delta Chi, and March of Dimes.